Business Sector Experience and Expertise




This page presents the business sectors engaged with by Colin Edward Egan. In some cases, the activity may have been a ‘one-off’ assignment or supervision of an in-depth research project. In many scenarios, the engagement has been broader, mostly because of the size of the organizations concerned and the need to build competencies amongst a cross-section of employees. In other cases, client relationships have been much deeper, more strategic and longer-term in nature, e.g. Philips, Reed Elsevier (RELX), IBM, Castrol, YKK and BP.

Business Sectors

      • Consumer (FMCG/Durable)
      • Defence
      • Education
      • Financial Services
      • Industrials
      • Medical Systems
      • Oil & Gas
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Public Sector
      • Publishing
      • Retailing
      • Service Industries
      • Technology & Electronics
      • Telecommunications


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