Outside Fortress Europe: The Book (2e)

Colin Edward Egan (2018)
Outside Fortress Europe: Strategies for the Global Market
Rugby: Strategic Management Think Tank

Outside Fortress Europe: Strategies for the Global Market is a book with an attitude that acknowledges scholarly debate but which expresses its own opinion, particularly regarding what is possible for companies to achieve despite the naysayers who claim otherwise. It captures a moment in time in the historical development of globalization while presenting the principles, frameworks, processes, methodologies and tools for inquiring managers to make intelligent decisions in what has been described as an era of extreme discontinuity and unprecedented uncertainty.

Theories of International Business, Global Strategic Management, Finance, Economics, Strategy, Competition, Marketing and Organizational Behaviour are presented alongside a proven Practical Framework for Global Business Strategy Success which embraces effective strategic marketing, innovation, brand management excellence and implementation capabilities. After all, a strategy that cannot be implemented is not a strategy at all.

The book is written for smart managers who want to create and run Intelligent Companies. It reflects a desire for positive organizational and personal change and emphasises that there is no need to distinguish between academic theory and business practice: one begets the other and positive transformation is indeed achievable through effective leadership, management development, operational excellence and employee engagement.

And strategic clarity…

Outside Fortress Europe (2nd edition)

The second edition of Outside Fortress Europe: Strategies for the Global Market is scheduled for publication in November 2021. It has been completely updated, building upon extensive feedback from leading experts in the disciplines/subjects/topics explored and user insights into the effectiveness of the book in meeting their goals.

Accessibility, relevance and an integrated perspective based upon an objective and updated assessment of key debates in management science are once again presented throughout the book.


The book’s structure, chapter titles and indicative content as presented below relate to its 2nd edition, scheduled for publication in November 2021.


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Part One: A Historical Perspective on Globalization

Chapter One
Globalization Forces and Organizational Change

Chapter Two
Strategic Planning and Organizational Design for Global Business Strategy: A Historical Perspective

Part Two: Global Business Strategy

Chapter Three
Theories of International Business

Chapter Four
Theories of Strategy and Competition

Chapter Five
Analysing Global Markets and the Intelligent Company

Chapter Six
Strategic Marketing and Global Brand Management

Chapter Seven
A Practical Framework for Global Business Strategy Success

Chapter Eight
Implementing Global Business Strategy

Part Three: Creating Organizational Advantage

Chapter Nine
Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances in Global Business Strategy

Chapter Ten
Theories of Organizational Behaviour and Strategic Management

Chapter Eleven
A Strategic Perspective on Managing Change

Chapter Twelve
A Stakeholder Perspective on Global Business Strategy

Part Four: Epilogue and Appendices

Capitalism: And How to Survive It!

Appendix One
Milestones in the History of Globalization (from the first edition)

Appendix Two
Author’s Recommended Books and Business Biographies (a sample)


Detailed Contents
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