Colin Edward Egan

Colin Edward Egan is a Management Academic and Economics Advisor researching globalization dynamics and their implications for business and society. He is Principal Consultant of Nexus Knowledge, an executive development practice engaged in designing and delivering organizational transformation programmes and business education initiatives.

He is also Academic Director of Strategic Management Think Tank, a small independent publishing imprint exploring global business strategies in developed and emerging markets. Its first major initiative was the Outside Fortress Europe Research Project. This led to the 2018 books Ten Years That Shook the (Capitalist) World: 1988-1998 and Outside Fortress Europe: Strategies for the Global Market. Second editions of these books were published in December 2021.

Between 2007-2015 Colin was Visiting Academic at Warwick Business School (WBS), UK, where he taught Core and Elective MBA international business and marketing courses and supervised Masters’ theses. From 2008-2013 he was Coca-Cola Chair, Professor of Marketing and Strategic Management at IEDC – Bled School of Management, Slovenia, and before this Professor of Strategic Management at Leicester Business School, De Montfort University, UK, between 1995 and 2007. He was Joint Academic Director of the IBM Marketing University between 1994-2002 and Principal Consultant, Academic Director and Faculty Manager of the BP Sales and Marketing Academy between 2002-2006.

In recent years, Colin has been Visiting Faculty at a number of leading international academic institutions, delivering Executive MBA Marketing and Global Strategic Management courses at:

      • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong
      • SKOLKOVO (Moscow School of Management), Russian Federation
      • Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands
      • International University of Monaco (IUM), Monaco
      • Danube Business School, University of Krems, Austria

He received the Warwick Business School ‘Outstanding MBA/MSc Teacher Award’ on six occasions during his time as Visiting Academic and was nominated for the coveted BP Helios award for his work on management development in the company. He has worked as an economics and business advisor to large corporations, providing consultancy and delivering in-house executive development programmes for the Strategic Business Units (SBUs) of companies including BP, Castrol, IBM, Philips, Reed Elsevier (RELX) and YKK. He has also worked with many Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), primarily in partnership with organizations such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing and various chambers of commerce.


University Experience and Expertise
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Business Sector Experience and Expertise
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International Experience and Expertise
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Nexus Knowledge
The ‘Chrysalis’ as depicted in this graphic symbolises the mission and values of Nexus Knowledge. These relate to positive transformation through personal growth and organizational development. Colin is Principal Consultant of Nexus Knowledge, a consultancy practice he has developed over twenty years and which primarily applies his own research in a business and/or university environment but which also embraces a network of senior practitioners and academics for the delivery of complex and/or large-scale projects.

Areas of expertise include:

      • Business Education
      • Consultancy
      • Executive Development
      • Organizational Transformation
      • Speaking Engagements

Subject domains include:

      • Brand
      • Global Strategic Management
      • Innovation
      • International Business
      • Leadership
      • Marketing

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Related Publication

Colin Edward Egan (2021)
Ten Years That Shook the (Capitalist) World: 1988-1998 (2e).
Rugby: Strategic Management Think Tank.

This book opens with an introduction to the essential principles of Trade, Globalization and International Business. It then embarks on a fascinating exploration of an extraordinary decade in modern economic and business history during which globalization forces combined to create the hi-tech, interconnected world we live in today.

In our decade, global financial markets were characterized by extreme turbulence that saw capitalism face off against two varieties of communism, witnessed dramatic transformations in information and communications technologies, and concluded with the Asian financial crisis and the newly minted Russian state defaulting on its sovereign debt in 1998, threatening Wall St. in the process.

Please click/tap the front cover image to navigate to the book’s dedicated website.



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